Sailor Avengers Assemble!

Hey guys, I don’t often reblog old art but let’s try an experiment where we reblog Sailor Avengers directly from me instead of other sources!  All my love (also feel free to delete this last sentence upon reblog if you wish.)

Please don't delete artist comments ›









I honestly don’t care if the comment was “cucumbers are delicious,” or “I drew this picture during a time of intense constipation.” Please don’t remove the artist comments.

It’s really disrespectful and sends the message that while you like the art enough to…

This is all my opinion, which I am entitled to. But I believe art is created to be shared and enjoyed by others. When you put your name as a label on it you turned into an Andy Warhol, only wanting to make a profit or a name for yourself. Now if someone wants to be a dick and put their name on someone else’s art then yeah that sucks. But again, it’s not about the name attached, it’s the art itself. I believe the art expresses more about the person than a watermark ever could.

Are you an artist? 

Simply put, if we made that piece of art, we deserve to have our name on it. 
We don’t make it only just for you.

No I would assume you make it for others. If it’s just for you then don’t post it online or show it to anyone ever. Just keep it framed on your wall where only you can see it.

editing my own post out because you all don’t need to read that shit twice

I understand where you all are coming from. Like I’ve said already this is my opinion and obviously most are going to disagree with it. I GET WHAT YOURE SAYING. And I understand why you approach art and sharing art this way. But it’s not something I’m going to do, because I don’t agree.

You’re perfectly within your rights to do whatever you want, but if you actually look at your own comments, such as “If it’s just for you then don’t post it online or show it to anyone ever,” this is not you “doing something” or staying within the boundaries of your own rights. This is you telling us we can’t post art because of your opinions, and that is where the “this is my opinion” argument falls completely short.




I did a passive aggressive tumblr tutorial I don’t recognize myself anymore.

But seriously can we cut this out.

It’s not that hard to be considerate of artists on tumblr, I promise!

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so, the movie Coraline, right?

It’s a stop motion so it already took about 20 months just to film.


Althea Crome hand-knit every single ARTICLE OF CLOTHING FOR EVERY CHARACTER

no one ever even SAW the god-damned socks but she just knit her flipping heart out that woman

i just

bless your soul.

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I think if all dolls had pretty faces like this I would have liked them more as a kid.





I lost it at Simba, Pumbaa and Timon reblogging from the afterlife it has good WiFi 


*internal shrieking yes yes*

That last one has to be the Taoists! (I’m referring to the ones in Touhou Ten Desires c:) I mean look at the one on the right he’s posing exactly like Futo <3

Everything this artist does makes me happy~

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Devil Maker: Tokyo—Choronzon [For Hiha] by mylionandme

This was sitting half finished for way too long, but it was a good experiment, seeing if I had the spare time to take commissions during school. I don’t. (It wasn’t for money at least, but I still feel really bad.)

Source. Thank you. ›


Dear fandom, I’ve got an idea… next time you want to share a fanart you didn’t draw in Tumblr, source it! The artists will be grateful and you’ll be being a respectful and nice person.

To those who already source: you’re cool people, thank you.

I’m just tired of seeing my pics or friends’ pics…

*nods in approval*

My first stab at a longstitch binding. And while it is absolutely gorgeous, the signatures were waaay too big (21 folios=42 pages), which makes for a flimsier book. But! I still got a good grade on the final and I learned stuff so I’m happy ^^